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Re: how is zmodem used with GNU screen?

From: grok
Subject: Re: how is zmodem used with GNU screen?
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 13:31:40 -0800
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> On Wed, Oct 25, 2006 at 10:19:24PM -0700, Adam Monsen wrote:
> > Can anyone give me an ultra brief intro to how to use zmodem with GNU
> > screen? I've got lrzsz working, I'm just not sure how to use it.
> It depends whether screen is in the middle of a sz/rz transfer or
> it is used as an "endpoint".
> 1) In the middle:
> Use "zmodem pass" in that case. This means that screen will pass
> on all zmodem data. Example: your terminal emulation supports
> zmodem, you log into a server and reconnect to your screen session.
> In the session you need to transfer a file home, so you call
> "sz <filename>" in a window.
> 2) As an endpoint:
> You use screen as your terminal emulator, i.e. you have connected
> the console of some other machine to your serial line and want
> to transfer a file from the other machine to your host. So you
> configure "zmodem catch" and run "sz <filename>" on the host.
> Screen will intercept the zmodem sequences and prompt you
> with a "rz" prompt. You just confirm this by pressing return and
> the file will get transfered.

Thanx for reminding me to check a long-standing issue, based
on this information. Overcame that little block (it's 98%
the dokumentation, AFAIC).

Not much need for Zmodem these days, but there're some.

- -- grok.

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