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Re: New screen features available

From: Michael Schroeder
Subject: Re: New screen features available
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 00:02:17 +0100
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I just committed a version with more screen-like layout commands.
We now have

  layout new [title]
  layout select [number/title]
  layout title [newtitle]
  layout number [newnumber]
  layout show

and the old

  layout next
  layout prev
  layout attach
  layout autosave

My ~/.screenrc file contains

  layout new
  bind y command -c layout
  bind -c layout y    layout next
  bind -c layout ' '  layout next
  bind -c layout ^?   layout prev
  bind -c layout n    layout next
  bind -c layout p    layout prev
  bind -c layout 0    layout select 0
  bind -c layout 1    layout select 1
  bind -c layout 2    layout select 2
  bind -c layout 3    layout select 3
  bind -c layout 4    layout select 4
  bind -c layout 5    layout select 5
  bind -c layout 6    layout select 6
  bind -c layout 7    layout select 7
  bind -c layout 8    layout select 8
  bind -c layout 9    layout select 9
  bind -c layout \'   layout select
  bind -c layout ?    layout show
  bind -c layout i    layout number
  bind -c layout c    layout new

for playing with layouts. Thus you can use ^Ayc to create a new layout,
^Ay? to show the available layouts, ^Ayy to move to the next layout,
and so on.


Michael Schroeder           address@hidden

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