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Re: how to send commands to running screen sessions

From: Igor Moroz
Subject: Re: how to send commands to running screen sessions
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 12:23:41 +0300

В Чтв, 15/02/2007 в 19:00 -0300, Henrique Niwa пишет:

> Sometime ago i saw an email from the list explaining
> how to send commands to matching windows.
> like, for windows named sh send command xyz
> i accomplished some results using the stuff command,
> but i could not replicate the enter key, nor send it
> to multiple windows matching some pattern.
> Does anybody knows the correct syntax of the command?

Is it what you want?


Command: at [identifier][#|*|%] command [args] 

Execute a command at other displays or windows as if it had been entered
there. At changes the context (the `current window' or `current display'
setting) of the command. If the first parameter describes a non-unique
context, the command will be executed multiple times. If the first
parameter is of the form `identifier*' then identifier is matched
against user names. The command is executed once for each display of the
selected user(s). If the first parameter is of the form `identifier%'
identifier is matched against displays. Displays are named after the
ttys they attach. The prefix `/dev/' or `/dev/tty' may be omitted from
the identifier. If identifier has a # or nothing appended it is matched
against window numbers and titles. Omitting an identifier in front of
the #, * or % character selects all users, displays or windows because a
prefix-match is performed. Note that on the affected display(s) a short
message will describe what happened. Caution: Permission is checked for
the owners or the affected display(s), not for the initiator of the `at'

        Igor ,)

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