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Re: Screwed up term outputs control chars literally

From: Andrew Pantyukhin
Subject: Re: Screwed up term outputs control chars literally
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 13:07:34 +0400

On 3/26/07, Pieter Luteijn <address@hidden> wrote:
> Sometimes I manage to screw up my term somehow
> and it starts translating control chars into
> printable forms. I press Ctrl-C it outputs ^C

Probably not screen related, so:
What shell do you use, and which OS? Does 'stty sane' fix things?

Yes, "stty sane" and "stty tty" help, thanks. I've seen the
problem in tcsh and zsh on FreeBSD. I still think it has at
least something to do with screen's termcap peculiarities.

If my memory does not trick me, I remember a couple of times
when I couldn't input any characters at all. That happened
when writelock was 'on' and about 10 users connected to my
screen session.

I'm starting to teach Unix to a new group of students today
(using screen) and I'll try to find out more about the issue
over the next few weeks.


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