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Re: Multibyte characters in the Hardstatus line

From: Zvi Har'El
Subject: Re: Multibyte characters in the Hardstatus line
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 17:09:12 +0200
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I am trying to investigate this bug, since I am sure it is. One thing I already noticed that the way the functions void AddStr(char *str) (display.c:3513)  and void AddStrn(char *str, int n) (display.c:3533) call the funcion void AddUtf8(int c) (encoding.c:638) is errenous. The latter is called on each byte in the string, while it is intended to be called on wide characters (here int, should be w_char) convert them to the multi byte utf8 representation.  I think that simple call to AddChar(c) is OK also in the in the UTF8 case.  I tried to change the conditional compilation directive #ifdef UTF8 (in display.c:3520 and 3540) to #if 0 (comment the code out) and the result is again unsatisfactory - the Greek characters in the title question marks (and the same happen for every non-ascii character, even from the latin1 supplement block (U+0080..U+00FF). So, the solution is more involved.

Alexander Kriegisch wrote, On 28/03/07 12:26:

I think this question has been asked before, even though I don't
remember whether it was answered. Maybe it was even you who asked
before. If so, I hope this time somebody can help you (I cannot).
Otherwise, maybe an archive search helps.

Alexander Kriegisch

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