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Re: binding ctrl-arrow

From: Jonathan Daugherty
Subject: Re: binding ctrl-arrow
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 13:07:47 -0700
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# a similar message was posted some time ago but I did not see any
# answer. How can I bind the sequence ctrl+arrows (up, down, left
# right)? In particular, I would like to enter copy mode with
# ctrl-UpArrow. I tried something like
# bindkey -k ^ku copy

I saw this trick somewhere: I do this by firing up cat to figure out
what my terminal sees when I press Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down:

address@hidden:~$ cat >/dev/null

(Above produced by pressing Ctrl+Up, RET, Ctrl+Down.)

Then, I add those strings to my .screenrc:

bindkey ^[[1;5A prev
bindkey ^[[1;5B next

In my case, I use Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down to move around through my

This will only work as long as you're using a terminal that considers
those equivalent to Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down respectively.  I don't know
of a way to get them to work universally, so I just stick to xterm
(which is fine by me).


  Jonathan Daugherty

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