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Killing screens

From: Sam Tardif
Subject: Killing screens
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 16:45:32 +1000
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Hi screen users,

We currently use Zterm to communicate with serial devices, but due to some problems it has I am looking for alternatives. screen was a good choice, but I have come across a stumbling block that I can't find a way around.

Basically, user A logs in (on Mac OS X machine), runs a script that attaches a screen to the serial device, gets their output from the device, closes the terminal window (without ctrl-A k) and logs out. When user B comes along, user A's screen still exists and hogs the connection to the serial device. Is there any way to kill user A's screen so that user B can make the connection (without forcing users to kill the screen with ctrl-A k, because I know they will never remember)? sending screen -X quit before opening a new screen doesn't work as user B doesn't have permission. Would like not to have to use multiuser and setuid root.

Any suggestions? Is there a way to tell screens not to be persistent? Or is this something screen just isn't capable of?


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