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Re: Killing screens

From: David Douthitt
Subject: Re: Killing screens
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 14:59:28 -0500
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Sam Tardif wrote 
> Thank you very much for pointing that out! The second sentence of
> autodetach was most useful. I guess it pays not to skim man pages :p
Nobody can blame you I think - the GNU Screen man page is _how_ _long_? 
When I went to print it, it was somewhere around 100 pages.
> And Brian, we've tried using minicom as well, but quitting minicom in
> an improper fashion causes it to lock the serial device up.
Perfect chance to debug the source code - and provide a patch.  Of
course, that is not always time well spent if you just want things to
work.  It helps the community, though.

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