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Re: Execute script in specific window

From: Peter Rait
Subject: Re: Execute script in specific window
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 17:02:48 +0100
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Geraint Edwards wrote:
 screen -p $zahl -X eval 'stuff ./" $zahl \015"'
> When looking into the screen window it seems that now only the first 
> part './' is executed without passing the parameter.

This is a quoting problem - single-quotes are not interpolated.

That means:  the argument (to the screen command) that is in '...' will not
be scanned by the shell (script) for variables (etc) - and will appear
empty in this case (since $zahl is not in your environment, perhaps).

You need to do something like the following (to get the variable back out
of the quoting, so that it will be interpolated):

	screen -p $zahl -X eval 'stuff ./" '$zahl' \015"'

or, for more general such scenarios, a more bullet-proof version would be:

	screen -p $zahl -X eval 'stuff ./" '"$zahl"' \015"'

Hello Geraint,

It worked. Thank you for your quick solution.
I hope I can use this also on other platforms (solaris).

What I would also know is why the second solution

b) screen -p 1101 -X exec ./ 1101

did not work out. It seemed more straightforward to me.
Are there some limitations of the exec command using preliminary window selection?


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