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screen and urxvt

From: Michael Treibton
Subject: screen and urxvt
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 18:32:32 +0000


i hope this is the right list. if not let me know and i can try another.

im running screen inside of urxvt just fine. i have turned off visual
bells so that theyre audible bells and for the urxvt instance screens
running in i have set a property:

URxvt.urgencyOnBell:  True

this is working fine from within screen and my wm reacts fine to it.
the only problem is that applications in other windows in screen which
generate a bel character (like mutt does when theres new email) doesnt
seem to get picked up via urxvt. i know a bell is sent as i hear it as
well as the message from screen. in order for urxvt to react to this
and set the urgencyonbell stuff i have to have that specific window

is there something i need to do from within screen to set this so a
bell character from any window in screen is picked up correctly by
urxvt as needing to set the urgency?



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