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Re: dividers/borders

From: Mads Michelsen
Subject: Re: dividers/borders
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 21:36:01 +0100

On Sat, Mar 22, 2008 at 1:06 PM, cga2000 <address@hidden> wrote:
On Sat, Mar 22, 2008 at 03:23:54AM EDT, Mads Michelsen wrote:
>    Thanks, ths sorendition did the trick once I figured out the
>    syntax.  Nevermind the margins - with the color configuration thing
>    in place, it's not really important.
>    BTW I notcied you had asked for a way to turn off the caption (I
>    take it, the caption is the bit that has the names of the windows
>    in the open partitions in it?) Was that implemented?

Not that I know of.

Michael said at the time that it would not be hard to implement and
asked whether anybody else might want this new feature.

Okay, too bad. I intended to only use the right hand partition for a single window containing an eternally looped script that checked up on stuff like email, so as I would never switch back and forth between them, so it seems a bit superfluous.

Actually, I think that now I understand your second question about
margins (?) -- you would be talking about every "sub-window" or
"partition of the screen" having some line of sorts on all its four
sides, right? That would amount to turning screen into some form of
windowing system, a bit along the lines of your typical Window Manager?

Precisely. Well that and being able to maximise the xfce4-terminal stripped of window dressing and still have some distance between the screen windows and window edge. But as you imply, it is a bit beyond screen's purpose and I did some line counting using the xfce4-terminal's X geometry setting allows me to achieve the latter reasonably well.

Google for "raggle" & "screenshots" and you'll find an RSS aggregator
that does this in a way.  But then the problem is that if screen did
something similar, such applications would probably not look too good
when running under screen.

So it's probably better to leave it at that?

Yup, probably...
The main issue that I had with screen's vertical split was the slowness
of paging/searching.  Since as per Michael this is something that is not
trivial to address (see the thread I mentioned earlier) .. I decided I
wasn't going to use the vertical split feature for now.

I guess I could just launch two terminals side by side... It just seems uhm... wasteful? If I'm gonna go minimalist, might as well go all the way :)

I posted a couple of screenshots of what I came up with when testing the
new vertical split feature that are still visible at:

I think the second screenshot in particular would look a bit better if
there was a thin (1 pixel wide?) continuous vertical line clearly
delimiting the two halves of the display.

In any case, the hardstatus line is the one right at the bottom that has
all the window names, the date and time, and the system's monitoring
counters .. the caption line is the one above it, with the names/numbers
of the screens that are currently displayed.

Note, that these screenshots show everything that's visible on my
screen. I did away with all window manager decorations such as
titlebars, scrollbars, etc. when I decided they were taking up space
without adding anything useful that I could see. :-)
The nice thing IMO .. is that apart from the number of colors, this
makes it impossible to tell whether I'm running screen under X or a
linux console.
Haha, a (possibly) closeted X user... Well, if you're using, be sure to get plenty of water or you might dehydrate :)

screen-users mailing list

Actually, I do have one more question: I get attaching/detaching sessions and saving/attaching layouts apart from one thing: Either I'm doing it wrong or sessions as well as saved layouts only last until the computer is shut down, right? (Since the target audience is continually running servers?) For sessions, I believe I can reestablish most of the info contained in a 'session' by using commands in the .screenrc config file but layouts? If I always want the terminal to be split and the right hand partition to be exactly 56 blocks wide and load a window running my status script?

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