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Problems with 32-bit Unicode codepoints

From: Andrew Pantyukhin
Subject: Problems with 32-bit Unicode codepoints
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 23:59:52 +0400
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It appears screen does not cope with 32-bit Unicode codepoints
(actually anything more than FFFF). I can view them in urxvt
without screen, but not in a screen session. My environment is
fully UTF-8.

A quick way to test it is to install the Code2001 font (free,
easily googlable) and open this page in a capable text browser
(w3m works for me, otherwise use wget+cat):

According to urxvt, all the 32-bit symbols are replaced with
codepoint U+FFFD (Unicode replacement character), but it may well
be that the symbols are just randomly corrupted and urxvt does
the replacing.

Any thoughts and advice will be appreciated.


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