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Re: Recreating a screen layout... is it possible?

From: Mark Eichin
Subject: Re: Recreating a screen layout... is it possible?
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 23:43:49 -0400
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Brandon <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm using a snapshot of the latest build, which supports vertical
> splitting.  So I've set up a decent layout for monitoring multiple
> servers using top over SSH... None of the SSH connections require user
> input as they are initiated using host keys, so being prompted for a
> password wont be an issue.  I've got 2 screens side-by-side on the
> top, and 2 more on the bottom... forming a 2x2 grid of screens
> basically.  Is there any way I can save this somehow, or script it so
> that I can easily (by executing a bash script perhaps) get back to
> this layout, and auto-run the ssh commands for each window as well?

It should be enough to put "split" and "screen" commands in your
.screenrc (or in some other file that you call with "screen -c FILE")
and that correspond to the manual commands you'd have used.  (I
haven't seen a good way to "save" that from a running session, but
usually from a live session screen only knows that there are shells,
and not what's been run in them...)

defzombie will also be useful, to keep the layout when one of the
children dies, and let you hit a key to retry the connection.

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