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screen, .bashrc and ssh hostname

From: Chris Henderson
Subject: screen, .bashrc and ssh hostname
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 09:04:39 +1000

In my .bashrc I use "ssh() { screen -t "address@hidden" ssh "$@"; }" so when
I SSH to any host, it opens a new screen terminal and rename it to the
hostname. This is really useful to me as it saves me a lot of typing.

However, this only works if I ssh the standard way as in "ssh
address@hidden". I have a shell script which automates my SSH login
process by setting username and calling SSH keys. And when I run this
script screen doesn't open a new terminal and rename it anymore. I use
the script like: ./ hostname

Is there anyway I could tell .screenrc or .bashrc to read this script
and treat it as a standard SSH connection?

Thanks for any help.

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