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Focus on all regions

From: Tobia Conforto
Subject: Focus on all regions
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 12:59:00 +0200


I use the split feature of screen to open many ssh sessions. This allows me to send commands to the various hosts and see all the results in the same screen. But often I'd like to send the same command to all hosts without having to copy and paste it or type it over again.

Is there a feature or a patch that lets me focus all regions (or all windows) simultaneously? The best would be to have a virtual "all- regions" focus in the list of regions that is cycled with the focus command:

region #1 --[focus]--> region #2 --[focus]--> both regions --[focus]-- > region #1 ...

Is something like this already in Screen?
Any advice on implementing it?


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