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Re: format windowlist view with color.

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: Re: format windowlist view with color.
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 11:13:37 -0700
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Bruce Edge wrote:
> OK, bad terminology. I'm setting the window's title.
> So, to rephrase, are there any color escape sequences that can be used
> in the window title?
> This would then show the same color for the title in the window list.

Not that I'm aware of :\

> I wanted to change the color of the title for any windows that were
> running a command, ie: not at a shell prompt. This would make it easier
> to pick out what windows had running commands. Currently I change the
> window title to to  ">> command <<" to make them stand out a bit when
> they are running something. (using zsh preexec)
> Another would be to change the title color then the last shell command
> returned a non-zero status. This would be like an alert for when a
> command failed.
> Also, all my build/edit windows for a particular source branch would
> have the same color, etc...

Sounds like groups might be handy for that. That's the sort of thing I'm
using them for lately (note, I myself just found out about groups this

>     You may find the "group" functionality of the current development
>     sources to be handy; you can create a group window with


> That sounds very cool. I have to try that.
> What would also be nice is if you could re-order the window list. ie:
> move entries around so that you could group related shells together.

You can already do that with C-a : number <new number>. Also, Sadrul
just pushed a change that allows you to give _relative_ numeric changes,
so that C-a: number +1 can move a window from number 4 to number 5, etc.
If you bind number +1 and number -1 to appropriate keys, you could
probably find these to be useful as well.

The numbers/ordering when you're using groups, though, appears kind of
funky to me. Though it seems that they're by-group; they could be
delineated/ordered better in that case, however. (I've just filed an
issue for that.)

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