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Re: Two little features (and a bounty?)

From: Dan Mahoney, System Admin
Subject: Re: Two little features (and a bounty?)
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 19:26:06 -0400 (EDT)
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On Thu, 24 Jul 2008, Tom Scogland wrote:

What do you mean about the mouse? It already sends mouse codes through from a 

Using gnome-terminal under linux, to a FreeBSD 6.2 system.  Mouse works.

I fire up screen (with screen 4.00.02 (FAU) 5-Dec-03 built from ports) and it doesn't in either Alpine or Nano, both of which otherwise support it.

Unlike printing, I don't know what terminal codes to look for to know if the mouse is supported.


On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 5:39 PM, Dan Mahoney, System Admin <address@hidden> 
      Hey all,

      I need two features added to screen, but I'm not a coder.  I can (and 
have) discussed on this list, as well as having seen these features justified
      and explained on mailing lists before, but I don't believe they work at 
this time.

      1) Make printing work.  And by that I mean make it work JUST as it would work 
without screen, i.e. not "buffer" and send a bunch of printer
      stop/start sequences every 30 characters -- many SSH applications 
interpret that stop sequence as a page feed.

      2) Make mouse work.  I haven't seen much with this.

      I'm willing to toss something monetary at a developer or developers who 
can look at this and make it happen.

      Any takers?

      -Dan Mahoney


      "It would be bad."

      -Egon Spengler, "Ghostbusters"

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