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screen with irssi, sux.theme, urxvt

From: Andreas Herz
Subject: screen with irssi, sux.theme, urxvt
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 19:11:59 +0100
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i have a confusing problem. I have a debian testing system. I use urxvt
on my desktop, then ssh to the server with irssi running in screen. I
also use the sux.theme from the page. Now i found out, that in
the bottom line, i have a display disfunction. In the line with "time +
nickname + channelname + Act:", there are ANSI Chars. I have
Questionmarks, what is HTML-Code  in this ANSI Table:

But if you look at the sux.theme screenshot on the page, they
have squares. So i tried to run irssi in urxvt, there i have no
problems, i can see the squares. Furthermore i checked serveral things.
Both systems, desktop and server, are fully UTF-8, also screen and irssi
itself are set to use UTF-8. Locales are also UTF-8. So i tried to
replave $TERM=screen with $TERM=rxvt-unicode. Nothign changed.

So my guess is, that there is a issue with screen and the display of
ANSI Chars. Do you have any hint for me?

I also made 2 screenshots that i uploaded here:

1. Irssi in screen:

2. Irssi only in urxvt:



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