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caption never option

From: Ryan Showalter
Subject: caption never option
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 14:58:45 -0800


I'm using screen to monitor some applications on an extremely small 8"
monitor and I've been using screen to view the programs
simultaneously.  For what I'm using it for, the caption bars are
completely unnecessary as I don't ever switch between any other
programs.  It would be very valuable (for screen real estate purposes)
to have a "caption never" option for this sort of thing so that the
split screens were completely seamless against one another.

I briefly looked back in the mailing list archives and it looks like
this sort of thing has been discussed before [0] [1].

I tried looking at the source code and was successful in getting rid
of the displayed information inside the caption bar but unfortunately
I still can't figure out exactly how to increase each screen's height
by 1 to take advantage of the extra space.

Does this sound like a good feature?  And if no one is willing to
implement it, could someone give me some help in my implementation?


[0] --
[1] --

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