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Re: problem with screen.rxvt TERM and less

From: Henry S. Thompson
Subject: Re: problem with screen.rxvt TERM and less
Date: Sun, 09 Nov 2008 22:02:04 +0000
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Micah Cowan writes:

> I'm not entirely sure I understand what the symptom is that you're
> describing for running less under the screen-managed window, but it
> sounds like it might be similar to this one, which is fixed in the
> current dev sources:

Thanks for your help, but I don't _think_ this is what's at issue.
More poking around suggests a _possible_ alternative explanation.  It
appears that less uses the alternate screen buffer for its display,
which is why when it finishes in a vanilla xterm-color or rxvt window,
you see no remnants of the displayed file.  But I guess, from what I
can gather of how screen is implemented, that screen is _already_
using the alternate screen buffer, so when less asks to switch to it,
it can't???

As far as I can see, less is sending the
correct-per-terminfo-for-screen escape sequences, i.e. ESC[?1049h for
smcup and ESC[?1049l for rmcup, but they are not having the desired
effect. . .

[Note that when running in a vanilla rxvt window smcup is ESC7ESC[?47h
and rmcup is ESC[?47lESC8 . . . ]

Does this make better sense yet?  I've attached pngs of the winning
and losing displays.



Attachment: lessInRxvt.png
Description: less in vanilla rxvt, winning

Attachment: lessInScreen.png
Description: less in screen, losing

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