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Binding a multi-key sequence to a multi-command

From: Gorsuch, Ryan
Subject: Binding a multi-key sequence to a multi-command
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 14:23:06 -0700

The manual indicates that I can bind several commands to a key using the "process" command but no examples or syntax are given.

What I'd like to do is bind the sequence: "C-a s 1" to the commands: "split, focus, select 1" using a command class. What I have in mind is:

  bind 's' command -c split_and_switch
  bind -c split_and_switch 0 split, focus, select 0
  bind -c split_and_switch 1 split, focus, select 1
  bind -c split_and_switch 2 split, focus, select 2

But I can't find any examples for binding multiple commands together. Any suggestions?


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