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Re: local and remote screens

From: Rich Boyce
Subject: Re: local and remote screens
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2008 16:51:48 +0000
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Hi Pia,

Pia Mikeal wrote:
The best thing to do would be to detach the remote screen before you log out of the remote box instead of detaching only from your local machine. To detach from a screen within a screen, the command would be

^a a d
where ^ denotes the control key.

Bingo! Nested screens seems to be what I was after, and works for me. I tried nested screens before, but didn't know about the ^a-a-d to control the nested screen session, so I could only control the top-level screen. This is perfect.

Then, when you log back into the remote machine from anywhere, you can simply type

screen -r

If for some reason, you forget to detach from the remote screen and so it is still attached to the local machine, tom, you can force it to detach from tom and attach to harry if you are logged in from harry, by typing

screen -D -R

Thanks, that's very useful too. I think I've got what I'm after.

I hope I understood your problem correctly and that this helps.

Certainly does! Thanks very much,


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