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Re: attach sessions in multiuser

From: Rod Nussbaumer
Subject: Re: attach sessions in multiuser
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 09:13:11 -0800
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Zaphod wrote:

I am trying to use multiuser session with screen from lately git.

I have 2 users on my Linux, where user1 running screen session with
commands 'multiuser on' and 'addacl user2' in it's RC file.
Second user doesn't see such session from 'screen -ls'

I want user2 to be able to attach to session of user1.

2. Can user2 attach certain screen of the session of user1?

No one seems to have answered your question, so I will.

user2 can see the list of screen session owned by user1 by specifying the user whose session list is requested:

screen -S user1/ -list

Looking in /tmp/screens will provide a list of users who are running or have in the past, run screen. From there, you can compose an appropriate '-list' commandline.

If the user has more than one screen session open, it will be identified by a two-part name: <PID>.<Some-name>

Here, PID is '17560', and the session name is 'pts-107.hostname'

If you specify enough of either the PID of the screen session, or enough of the session name to disambiguate it from the others, you can connect to that specific session:

screen -S user1/175 -x
screen -S user1/pts-107 -x

I haven't shown any context with this example, but as long as the session can be uniquely identifed by either PID or name (and names can be set, from screen), then you can connect to the session.

   ---   rod.

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