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acl and .screenrc

From: leen
Subject: acl and .screenrc
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 2009 17:12:51 +0200
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Hello screen users,

Im trying to setup a screen with 'view only' for other users. This I can do quite easily from within a screen session, but not from my .screenrc. Reading this mailing list and googling an afternoon, all i can find is other user with the same problem: from within screen it works, not from .screenrc.

I'd really like to know if I can use .screenrc to create the proper permissions for users, or if I should start looking a script utilizing the -X option to send the proper commands to the running screen. The weird part with using .screenrc is that I CAN prevent the user using colon and I CAN prevent detaching but I cannot prevent them typing anything at the prompt..

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


What works to create a "view only"
:multiuser on
:aclchg user -rwx "#?"
:aclchg user +x "detach,colon"

non-working .screenrc:
address@hidden:~# cat .screenrc
startup_message off
aclchg leen -rxw "#?"a
aclchg leen +w "detach,colon"
multiuser on

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