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Prevent the xterm title changing to "users: ... "

From: leen
Subject: Prevent the xterm title changing to "users: ... "
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 2009 14:08:50 +0200
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Hello All,

I've manager to change the xterm title on our remote screen-viewing machine to say what i want. That is, with one minor glitch: if other users are connected to the same Multiuser screen, the title changes to "Users : ... " with a list of other users.

Is there any way to prevent this behavior? I know i can hard code it, like the commented hardstatus below, but what should I pass as a hard status to keep the orginal xterm title?

I start my screens with:
screen -S $1 -dm
screen -x $1 -X multiuser on screen -x $1 -X aclchg user -w "#?"
screen -x $1 -X  aclchg user  +x "detach"

I open my screens with:
export DISPLAY=:0.0
ssh -X address@hidden xterm -T "database" -geom 55x15 -e "screen -r db" &

the title set here only show when no other users are connected to the screen.

My screenrc:
startup_message off
vbell off
defscrollback 5000
# The vt100 description does not mention "dl". *sigh*
termcapinfo vt100 dl=5\E[M
# turn sending of screen messages to hardstatus off
hardstatus off
# Set the hardstatus prop on gui terms to set the titlebar/icon title
termcapinfo xterm*|rxvt*|kterm*|Eterm* hs:ts=\E]0;:fs=\007:ds=\E]0;\007
# use this for the hard status string
#hardstatus string "%h%? users: %u%?"
caption always

Any help would be greatly appreaciated

Leen Smit

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