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Re: nested hardstatus line

From: Michael Grant
Subject: Re: nested hardstatus line
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 09:34:56 +0200

This may not be helpful, but I wanted to point out that having the
double status line down there is quite useful in letting you know that
you are indeed in a screen session within another screen session.  If
you were to try to kill screen or use one of it's escape commands,
you're going to have to double that escape to get it to the inner most
screen and if you don't notice that you're logged into a screen
session within another screen session, it's the outside screen session
you're going to effect.

>From personal experience, the number of times I have been saved from
doing something stupid by having that double status line down there, I
personally decided it's actually a good thing not to toggle it off.

I looked, but I did not find an escape sequence that you could send to
turn off the hard status line in the outer window.

I tried this to create a key to turn off the status line but it
doesn't quite work, the status line comes right back:

# ^A l  (that's an ell) - loose status line
register A "\001:hardstatus off\015"
bind l process A

# ^A g - get a status line
register B "\001:hardstatus lastline\015"
bind g process B

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