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Background color problem in nested screen session

From: Frank Blendinger
Subject: Background color problem in nested screen session
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 16:28:39 +0200
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I have the following problem when I run a nested screen session: the
inner session has the 8 background colors wrong - they are identical to
the 8 foreground colors.

I am running a 256 color capable terminal emulator (rxvt-unicode with
256 color support patched in) with a custom termcap file
(~/.terminfo/r/rxvt-unicode-256), and my $TERM is set to
"rxvt-unicode-256" accordingly.

Inside screen, $TERM gets set to "screen-256color", and everything is
still alright. But when I start another screen session from there, the
inner screen gets the colors wrong as described above. I found a
workaround -- setting $TERM back to "rxvt-unicode-256" in the outer
screen before running an inner one -- but I'd like to get this solved in
somewhat clean way.

What could be wrong there? Or could I at least tell screen to keep $TERM
the way it is?

The whole effect can be seen in this screenshot:


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