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multibyte chars in hardstatus

From: Simon Wiles
Subject: multibyte chars in hardstatus
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 17:53:18 +0800

Hi all,

Does anyone know a way to get multibyte characters in the hardstatus
line, and not wreck unicode support at the same time?

I've been able to get unicode characters in the hardstatus line by
starting screen with "LC_CTYPE=C screen", but then I can no longer type
or read multibyte characters in the terminal.  I've tried setting
LC_ALL, LANG, LC_CTYPE etc. to various values, using `export` and
via .screenrc, and I've tried unsetting those env variable completely,
but I can't restore the multibyte functionality.

If anyone has got this to work, or if anyone can offer any insight of
any kind at all, I shall be most grateful!



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