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question on screen command-line option (continued)

From: joydeep
Subject: question on screen command-line option (continued)
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 14:31:02 +0100
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Hello list,

I know you all are enjoying your holidays :-) wish you all a very nice
holidays. When you come back with fresh mind with full charge, may be I get
a great fix of my problem.

I am using screen command on servers to have the session alive during
disconnection and other unavoidable problem which breaks my ssh. So far
everything is good. I have also placed a .screenrc file there to support
status line, locale etc....

` ` `
# for locale charset
setenv LC_CTYPE en_US.UTF-8

altscreen on

# add caption
caption always "%{wb}%n%f %t %{wk} %?%-Lw%?%{wb}[%n*%f
%t]%?(%u)%?%{wk}%?%+Lw%? %{wk}" hardstatus alwayslastline "%{kr}(load:
%l)%{= kG}%-=%D %d %M %Y %c:%s%{-}" 

` ` `

What I like to do is providing the configuration along with screen command
option ( screen -option <argument> ) ; so that I don't need to place the
.screenrc file on each and every server. man pages and google have no
answer yet. Does any one of you have any clue ?

with regards

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