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"String Escapes" & "Caption Always"

From: David
Subject: "String Escapes" & "Caption Always"
Date: Fri, 1 Jan 2010 01:20:23 -0600


In the GNU screen man page (in the "STRING ESCAPES" section) it says that the "w" character indicates the following:

         "all  window numbers and names. With '-' quailifier: up to the current window; with '+' qualifier:  starting with the window after the current one."

Since my screen window names/titles are fairly long, I'd like to be able to show only the window number, and *not* both the number *and* names.  This is for my "caption always" line in my .screenrc

Any thoughts on how to do this?    If this is not an option, a new string escape may perhaps be an easy additional feature to add?  (same thing as "w" just without the window name/title)

Thanks much & Happy New Year,


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