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Re: Unable to use mouse wheel scrolling in screen under gnome-terminal

From: Pandurangan R S
Subject: Re: Unable to use mouse wheel scrolling in screen under gnome-terminal
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2010 16:38:46 +0530

Q:      My xterm scrollbar does not work with screen.
A:      The problem is that xterm will not allow scrolling if the alternate
text buffer is selected. The standard definitions of the termcap
initialize capabilities ti and te switch to and from the alternate
text buffer. (The scrollbar also does not work when you start e.g.
'vi'). You can tell screen not to use these initialisations by adding
the line
termcapinfo xterm ti@:te@
to your ~/.screenrc file.

I use ubuntu 9.10 and have this in my screenrc file, which does the trick.


On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 3:56 PM, Leo Alekseyev <address@hidden> wrote:
> I am seeing the following behavior in screen under gnome-terminal in
> Ubuntu 9.10: I can scroll using ctrl-shift-arrows or ctrl-shift-page
> up/page down, but the using the mousewheel is equivalent to pressing
> up/down arrow keys (i.e. scrolling through command history). With
> xterm and rxvt, mouse wheel scrolling works as expected.  Moreover,
> scrolling works fine under gnome-terminal if I comment out hardstatus
> alwayslastline in my .screenrc.
> I was wondering if others can reproduce this, and if there is a fix for this.
> I have the following lines in my .screenrc:
> termcapinfo           linux           ti@:te@
> termcapinfo           xterm     ti@:te@
> termcapinfo           xterm-color     ti@:te@
> Thanks!
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