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Vexing cross-platform issue

From: Steven Hirsch
Subject: Vexing cross-platform issue
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2010 11:29:10 -0500
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I need to periodically detach and reattach persistent screen sessions on a box running AIX 5.3. The client is always a Linux machine. During the initial session, everything works smoothly and terminal control sequences are processed correctly. After working for a bit, I detach and leave screen in the background.

Periodically, a cron job on the machine cleans up /tmp and removes the socket for the screen session. When this occurs, I send it a SIGCHD to recreate it. However after reattaching I find that screen control sequences and editing commands like Backspace are either ignored or completely scrambled! Resetting the usual suspect, LANG, TERM, etc. do not help.


$ clear  // totally ignored

The keyboard 'backspace' key appears to generate a LF character.

I cannot find anything obvious in the documentation that pertains to scrambled key interpretation under this circumstance.

Any ideas what's going bad? I've never encountered this with screen sessions on Linux hosts.


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