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Group screen's windows when splited like in terminator

From: aka Rubén Gómez
Subject: Group screen's windows when splited like in terminator
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 10:02:54 +0100


I'm using screen with several servers, with two screen sessions nested
(the first one with 'c-f' to go to the server, and the second one with
'c-a' to go inside server screen).

I normally use split to make some multitasking in each server or with
two servers, but I wanted to know if there's an option to "group" some
windows (if they're splited or not) to send what I'm typing to all the
windows I wanted.

If you know terminator terminal
( what I want to do is to make
like when in terminator I make "super+t" that "Group all terminals in
the current tab so input sent to one of them, goes to all terminals in
the current tab".

Other option that I like from terminator is to make zoom to the
current splited terminal using "Ctrl+Shift+Z" which makes "Toggle
between showing all terminals and only showing a scaled version of the
current one (zoom)."

I know that I can use terminator and screen (that's what I do), but it
would be perfect that screen itself could make those things.

Anyone uses terminator+screen?


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