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Re: Capturing title of active window

From: Sadrul Habib Chowdhury
Subject: Re: Capturing title of active window
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 12:20:09 -0400
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* Artyom V. Gora had this to say on [29 Mar 2010, 18:26:38 +0300]:
> On 29/03/2010-14:42:03, Artyom V. Gora wrote:
> > 
> > Hi Sadrul,
> > One additional question regarding this feature. Every time I doing `screen 
> > -S <session-name> -Q title` the title appears in message line on the bottom 
> > of the window. Is there any way to restrict such kind of verbosity? It just 
> > a bit annoying if I doing something in console and my bots execute that 
> > query quite often. 
> > 
> > Thanks for your time,
> > Artjom
> Hi again,
> As a follow up I also noticed that this message suspends any other output to 
> stdout inside screen. That is while window's title is displayed in message 
> line we cannot see any output of foreground programs we are running. To 
> reproduce just run in screen any program which prints something to terminal 
> (I was running ping) and run `screen -S <session-name> -Q title` in another 
> console. Than keep an eye on your screen program's output. Or even easier, 
> run `screen -S <session-name> -Q title` inside screen and you'll see that 
> command prompt becomes unavailable until window's title still displayed in 
> message line.
> Is it desired behaviour or something we need to fix in feature releases?  

There are two issues here:

* The 'query commands' are not quiet. There is a plan to allow commands
  to be quiet when '@' (or '-') flags are prepended to the command
  names. Once that is functional, you can simply use '@title' command
  instead of 'title'. It's not complete yet, though, and it requires
  non-trivial work. (Also, it looks like '-' is not a good prefix to be
  used with remote commands. Perhaps I will change it to use '%'

* When some notification message shows up (either because of '-Q title'
  or for other reasons, e.g. some window receives a bell), it stops
  refreshing that particular window, for a few seconds or until you hit
  some key (whichever comes first). This is expected. If you are showing
  some hardstatus line, then you can workaround this by using
  'hardstatus on'.


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