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Re: bind browser forward/back keys

From: Maciej Żenczykowski
Subject: Re: bind browser forward/back keys
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2010 12:33:19 -0700

> Bummer, nothing :-/

It's all pretty much very configurable... but it can take quite a bit of effort.

Read up on:
man setkeycodes
man showkey
man dumpkeys
man loadkeys
man xev
man xkbset
man xmodmap

Then you need to:
a) make sure the kernel sees the keypresses, and knows what to do with
them (if it doesn't know it'll output a message probably in
/var/log/messages about needing to run setkeycodes) [you can also use
showkey -s here from outside of X]
b) verify you get these codes through to userspace within a non-X
environment (showkey -k)
c) bind something to these keycodes within non-X (via loadkeys)
d) verify you see the keypress in X via xev
e) bind something to the keypress in X via xmodmap

I haven't done this in ages, so my memory of the precise process is very fuzzy.
Furthermore USB keyboards (the built-in keyboard in a macbook pro for
example) are kind of special in that the kernel emulates them
producing scancodes like old-style keyboards.

Anyway, it can all be worked out, and I'm willing to help.

-- Maciej

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