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Threaded comments & indenting, w3m browser, $TERM=screen.linux

From: John Magolske
Subject: Threaded comments & indenting, w3m browser, $TERM=screen.linux
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2011 19:42:08 -0800
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The text-mode web browser w3m does a nice job of indenting threaded
comments in the "Hacker News" forum (whereas ELinks displays these
comments flat with no indentation).

This indenting shows up nicely when running w3m in the Linux console,
but not so well when launching w3m inside a GNU Screen tty inside a
Linux console. In that case there is some indentation, but after maybe
one or two levels, the comments become flat. Try for example:

Any ideas as to why w3m doesn't work so well in this regard where
$TERM=screen.linux , but does better where $TERM=linux ?

Within an xterm the comments & indenting show up fine regardless of
whether w3m is running inside GNU Screen or not.

Also, `w3m -dump` behaves this way (some indentation, but after
one or two levels the comments become flat) regardless of whether
$TERM= linux, screen.linux, xterm or screen.

I posted a question about this to the w3m list a while back [1] but
didn't receive a reply, so I thought I'd check here to try and get
an idea of how Screen might be affecting w3m's rendering of these
threaded comments.


TIA for any help,


John Magolske

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