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Problem Altering Color in `caption` Line

From: Randall Degges
Subject: Problem Altering Color in `caption` Line
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2011 00:17:40 -0800

Hi Everyone,

This is my first mailing list post, so please excuse if I miss some list etiquette.

I'm having an issue with the color in my `caption` string. It works perfectly EXCEPT for the color of the leftmost margin. I'm trying to center my caption string across the screen using the %= escape code, and that seems to be the root of the issue. Here is my screenrc file which will let you reproduce the issue:

caption always
caption string "%{= dd}%=%{=b kw}[%{=b c}%H%{=b kw}] %{=b kw}[%{=b c}%l%{=b kw}] %{=b kw}[%{=b c}%Y-%m-%d %C:%s %A%{=b kw}] %?%{=b kw}[%{=b c}%u%{=b kw}]%?%{= dd}%="

As I mentioned before, the colors work perfectly. The problem is the first part of the caption string:

%{= dd}%=%{=b kw}[

The %{= dd} is supposed to basically set the first portion of the caption line to defaults colors, but instead, what is happening is that the %= (which buffers the caption line so it appears centered on the screen) is applying the color %{=b kw} to not only the [ character, but also the entire 'buffered' line before the [ to the left edge of the screen.

I'm not sure how to go about fixing this issue. I'd like the color I'm applying to the first [ character to ONLY apply to that character, and not the lengthened buffer from the left side of the screen up to the [ character.

I'd greatly appreciated any help. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like (incase you don't feel like trying it out yourself):

Thanks for your time,


Randall Degges

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