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where to get the vertical split patch?

From: Andrew Schulman
Subject: where to get the vertical split patch?
Date: Thu, 19 May 2011 14:27:54 -0400

Hi all.  I'm the maintainer of screen in Cygwin.  We currently have version
4.0.3, with some Cygwin-specific patches and 256-color support.

I'm looking for the famous vertical split patch.  I see the version linked
from, but that version seems to be
outdated.  I tried it in Cygwin, and among other problems, it doesn't show
a vertical divider on the screen, and has no documentation of the vertical
split feature.  There's discussion at

The usual advice seems to be to check out the latest version of the screen
source from git, which includes the vertical split capability.
Unfortunately this doesn't work in Cygwin, because there's a large
Cygwin-specific patch that I have to apply, that fails on the latest git
source.  I know I'll have to get past that at some point, but at the moment
I just want to add vertical split to the version we have that works in

A third method would be to try to apply all of the vertical-split related
commits from  I
haven't tried this yet, but it seems unlikely to work.

Does anyone have a rolled-up patch somewhere against release 4.0.3, of the
latest version of just the vertical split capability?


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