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Re: simply preserving sessions across disconnect

From: Eric S. Johansson
Subject: Re: simply preserving sessions across disconnect
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 10:56:30 -0400
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On 6/28/2011 9:28 AM, Adam Kellas wrote:

Bottom line, it's a very simpleminded use case; I want screen to do
nothing except preserve my sessions across disconnect. I.e. if I open
3 putty sessions I want 3 different shell prompts in 3 screen windows.
If I then reboot the laptop I want my first 3 putty sessions to
reconnect to those existing windows (not necessarily in any order). So
each putty session should attach to an existing-but-unconnected screen
window if available and create one if not. I have no need for any
advanced usage like switching screen windows within a putty session.

I've wanted the same thing for years and I've never found a screen configuration that will work.

two additional use cases:

if you start a fourth putty session, you get a new session started.

Start with three connected sessions, if you drop one and then reconnect, you want to reconnect to the disconnected session and not to the active sessions.

The closest I've found doing what I want is dtach. Problem being that it doesn't do any sort of session tracking so you can restart a disconnected process. I suspect it wouldn't be terribly hard to modify to leave behind the appropriate markers for reconnection but, I don't program anymore.

You might also want to take a look at tmux.

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