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Re: multi-window searching, newer screen versions

From: Aaron Davies
Subject: Re: multi-window searching, newer screen versions
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 23:03:52 -0400

> The script you have is pretty cool but it is hard to fit into a
> workflow - one would need to save the buffers, look through the buffer
> file via an external program, correlate the buffer to the screen
> session in question, and then go to that screen.

i have it half-working on my mac (still only gets the current contents of the 
window, not the scrollback)

pro% ./|grep HARDCOPY : 1 pro% ./|grep HARDCOPY : 2 HARDCOPYDIR=/tmp/screen-hardcopy-$USER : 2 mkdir -p $HARDCOPYDIR : 2    mkdir -p "$HARDCOPYDIR/$session" : 2 #   screen -S "$session" -X eval "hardcopydir 
'$HARDCOPYDIR/$session'" "at '#' hardcopy -h" : 2    screen -S "$session" -X eval "hardcopydir 
'$HARDCOPYDIR/$session'" "at '#' hardcopy" : 2    for hardcopy in $HARDCOPYDIR/$session/* : 2    rmdir "$HARDCOPYDIR/$session" : 2 rmdir "$HARDCOPYDIR"

i now know that "HARDCOPY" is on windows one and two of screen "search"

which is not to say that being able to auto-jump to other screens while 
searching wouldn't be nice, but this is definitely better than nothing
Aaron Davies

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