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Forcing screen to stay open after [cmd] is completed...

From: Zak Kinion
Subject: Forcing screen to stay open after [cmd] is completed...
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2011 13:30:12 +0700

Hello all,

Basically my goal is:

run screen:

screen -d -m python

which then moves it into the background. also launches
some other python scripts over time.

However, once ends, then all the other scripts are gone
forever, since the screen closes too.  They are not running at all
under ps aux | grep

I CAN just simply go:


and hit enter after the welcome message, and then run:  python and all is well....

However this takes a lot longer and is harder for me to automate for my means.

I'm basically looking for one command or argument that I can send to
screen to have it run:

screen -d -m python   and NOT die when terminates.

Thank you

Zak Kinion

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