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sometimes I cannot Attach a screen

From: 郑森林
Subject: sometimes I cannot Attach a screen
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 22:25:22 +0800

Dear author:
    We use gun screen on my work. use it any time. but I have some problem about Attach a screen.
    for example, on my linux server have these screen list.

# screen -ls

4055.hefu1 (Detached)
40553.hefu11 (Detached)
4055.hefu11 (Detached)
40556.hefu2 (Detached)
34055.hefu2 (Detached)

 I want to attach hefu1
 when I try screen -r hefu1 it doesn't work
 when I try screen -r 4055   it doesn't work

So I have write a small shell (./ tool to attach screen 

# name:
# use: ./ hefu1

scrname=$(screen -ls | grep -w "[0-9]*._\?${name}" | awk '{print $1}')

screen -r $scrname


this shell is to get 4055.hefu1 , so I can use command   screen -r 4055.hefu1   to attach it.

another problem: 
when I open many screen id on the same linux server at the same time. I use  ./ to attach. I also can  not attach the screen sometimes.
Does screen can not attach many screen at the same time ?

thanks very much. hope you can reply me.

祝:工作顺利  心情愉悦!

致 礼!

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