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Re: Coping with screen session and ssh-agent session

From: Axel Beckert
Subject: Re: Coping with screen session and ssh-agent session
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 18:57:18 +0200
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On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 06:22:30PM +0400, Aleksey Midenkov wrote:
> This is well known problem that SSH client cannot connect to SSH-AGENT from
> SCREEN session.

Yeah, it is.

> I will briefly refresh your memory on it. OpenSSH uses
> SSH_AGENT_SOCKET environment variable to connect SSH client and agent to get
> authentication data. The problem is, that SSH_AGENT_SOCKET is different each
> time you connect to host. But SCREEN session retains old value
> from the time session was first created.

That's where you have to hook in. Change the SSH_AGENT_SOCKET to
something permanent before the session is started, e.g. to a symbolic
link and then create that symlink depending on the current value just
between the ssh login and reattaching to the screen session.

See e.g. or

> There are already number of scripted solutions for this problem, that exist on
> the net. But none of what I found is fully working.

If those above do not give you the according hints, ask again and I'll
try to document my working setup. It's based on these two articles and
it works fine for me.


                Kind regards, Axel
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