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alpha as window number?

From: Benjamin Bradley
Subject: alpha as window number?
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2012 10:05:24 -0600
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Hi all,
I've been using screen for a few years and love it, but I tend to keep
open a large (>10) number of windows, similar to my web browsing habits.
I'm wondering if it's possible to expand the window numbers to include
alpha as well as the 0-9 numerics, so that when one opens the
'windowlist' command, a window could be chosen not just with the 0-9
digits, but letters a-z as well? As it is currently, windows numbered >=
10 don't get a number at all, so I just have to scroll down to that
entry. It would be great if all my screen sessions could have their own

Apologies if this is already covered in the documentation somewhere, I
didn't see it in the man page or in the listserve archives. And thanks
in advance for your advice!


Benjamin Bradley
address@hidden            1-800-672-8060 x802
GAIA Host Collective, LLC
       "Reliable Internet hosting services 
   from a worker-owned cooperative dedicated to 
     environmental and social sustainability."
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