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split boundaries

From: sonne
Subject: split boundaries
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 19:39:12 +0400


On this screenshot
one may see both horisontal and vertical white (blue) lines delimiting
screen splits from each other. Mine doesn't show these: for example,
text on both sides of a vertical splits is displayed without even a
space, like that:
`Том 8 Электродинамика сплошных сред/Теоретическая физика. Том 8.
Электродинамика сплошных сред.djv' -> `./Теоретиcan be used to load
this information.  You could even have different viminfos
which is slightly confusing. (in this line, the split is between
symbols 114 and 115: Теоретиcan)

How do I make my screen delimit splits like does the one shown on the

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