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open fifo xxx: No such device or address

From: Alvaro Martínez
Subject: open fifo xxx: No such device or address
Date: Sun, 12 May 2013 21:50:34 -0300

Hi All,
I recently moved my system to use NFS as root filesystem, and I can't use screen anymore. I mention the NFS thing because that is the only change I have done, although I know is a big one.

Every time I try to start screen, I receive the error
"open fifo /home/alvaro/.screen/698.pts-1.slackberry: No such device or address"

The file gets created as a "character special" file, and I believe I get the right permissions, however screen keeps showing me that error. I tried both as a normal user and as root, with the same results.

Any help?


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