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get information about screen windows

From: Hauke Laging
Subject: get information about screen windows
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2014 02:33:12 +0100
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I run two scripts simultaneously within screen. screen is started by a 
script. I am working on a method for automatic window selection 
depending on the state of the scripts. This works (screen -S mysession 
select win1) but for certain improvements I need information (i.e. a 
script needs it thus interactive features are of little use) about the 
windows (and the processes within):

 1)   How can I determine the tty (/dev/pts/xy) that belongs to a 
certain window?

 2)  How can I determine which is the foreground / active window?

Answering (1) would be possible by running tty after starting the new 
window and write its output somewhere. But a screen-internal solution 
would be more elegant and easier to implement (I guess).

Interactively the commands windowlist and windows give the answer to (2) 
but I haven't managed to get this output as input into a script. 
Furthermore: Coding this information as highlighting is nice for the 
user but not so nice for a script.

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