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Vim inside Screen causes trailing spaces in clipboard

From: Greg Bell
Subject: Vim inside Screen causes trailing spaces in clipboard
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2014 09:12:00 +1000
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After a recent upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 (Screen 4.01.00devel), I now have this behavior:

*** When I select a block of Vim text with no trailing spaces, I get trailing spaces in the pasted result. ****

This happens only when Vim is inside screen.

Here's a screenshot of the paste result using Vim to show the spaces and EOL.

I can confirm with xclipboard that the spaces are there (i.e. they're not a result of pasting).


- It happens with no .screenrc present.

- It happens with 4.2.1 as well.

- This didn't happen with whatever screen shipped with Ubuntu 12.10.

- $SCREEN is set to 'screen'.

Any ideas?  Happy to help debug.

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