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Window list cursor improvement suggestion

From: Jérôme Carretero
Subject: Window list cursor improvement suggestion
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2017 12:22:52 -0500


Working in several things in parallel these days, I have reached a point
where I have 73 windows in screen.

And I have noticed something that starts to become slightly annoying:
there is only one global cursor that navigates the window list.
When I work on windows 20-30 in terminal A and 60-70 in terminal B,
and I change to 21 in terminal A, getting the window list in terminal B
gets me to line 21, and I have to scroll down aaaaaall the way down to

I don't really care where newly attached sessions could get their
window list cursor position at, but it would be nice if each
attached session could have its own cursor ;)

What do you think?



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