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freeze at [screen is terminating]

From: Alex Efros
Subject: freeze at [screen is terminating]
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2017 20:07:14 +0200
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I'm not subscribed, so please CC: me on reply.

On my system (Gentoo, urxvt) screen hangs when exit/detach, after printing
[screen is terminating] line.

This happens only in urxvt and other terminals (like konsole) started from
existing urxvt terminal. This doesn't happens if I do `ssh localhost` or
start xterm/konsole from fluxbox menu.

I've spend a couple of hours trying to find difference in strace output,
and found parent screen process ignores SIGHUP (sent by first of child
screen processes when it exits) when started from urxvt and not ignores
SIGHUP when started after `ssh localhost` from same urxvt.

But I have no idea what triggers this decision - to ignore or nor SIGHUP.
I've played with environment variables, tty, setsid - no luck. :(
Any ideas what to check next and how to make screen to not ignore SIGHUP?

                        WBR, Alex.

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